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Welcome to the Naken-Natmen Project

The Kodiak Alutiiq language is severely threatened. Today there are just 33 fluent Native Alutiiq speakers remaining in the Kodiak region, with approximately 10 speakers actively working on language revitalization.

The Naken-Natmen project is an effort to engage language learners, speakers, and linguistic researchers in language revitalization by making language archives accessible.

This portal shares previous recordings of the Kodiak Alutiiq language.

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Meet the Speakers

Click here to meet the Alutiiq speakers contributing to the documentation of the Alutiiq Language.

Visit the Collections

To date, the Alutiiq Museum has over one and a half terabytes of Alutiiq language documentation. Many of the recordings are available here. Click to begin exploring the collections.

About the Project

The site was developed with a grant from the National Science Foundation to make Alutiiq language resources accessible to researchers. Click here to learn about the project.