Naken-Natmen project is a three year project aimed at simultaneously looking back at past research and recordings, while also looking forward to future research and documentation. The project title "Naken-Natmen" or "Where from-Where to" reflects this dual focus. 

Based on factors used to evaluate the status of threatened languages, the Alutiiq language shows signs it could be lost within ten years unless significant, unified efforts ensure its survival. These signs include: rapidly decreasing numbers of speakers, only elder advanced fluency, little spoken language at home or in gatherings, and parents who do not or can not teach Alutiiq to their children. 

The Naken-Natmen project goal is to improve research and community access to Alutiiq language research sources within local and state archives. To find out more about other archives that have Alutiiq materials check out the links to our partners. 

Project team members, along with community members will continue to add content and information in the coming two years. As community members, researchers, language speakers, and learners, you have the opportunity to contribute to this database by commenting on materials of interest or importance to you. Knowledge shared through the online language portal about speakers, linguistic markers, remembered words or phrases is priceless as little time remains to access the linguistic knowledge of the last generation of fluent, first langauge speakers. 

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